Mindmistress: Vicki.I've got a job for you.  Vicki: Let me finish my updates on my myspace pages... Mindmistress: Now, Vicki. I want you to search the late Colonel Minton's computers and databases...Mindmistress (Caption): He was one of the few government officials who knew about Forethought, Mindmistress---myself---and my mother's project.  See if he ever suspected Lorelei--how much he knew.  Vicki: Hmmm. What's this...

Vicki: Good news...although he suspected Mindmistress of being a result of your mother's experiments---Lorelei wasn't on his list of suspects.  Mindmistress: Good. Vicki: Found something else, though-- Mindmistress: Go on...Vicki: Minton found his wife was involved in 'the Mordred Strain'--- a cover name for a self-reproducing macromolecule similar to DNA and RNA-- Mindmistress: From where?  Vicki: --From a meteor. Mindmistress: Whoa!!




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