Rusty: Y-y'know, I used to like kung fu movies---saurai--ninjas---but you ladies--kind of a cliche, right?  I mean, C'mon--ninjas?  Rage: Can't take us seriously, perhaps? You'll see.Rage: Here. Catch your breath...or rather...mine.  Rusty: Ooooooooo... Rage: Sweet dreams.

Rusty: Oooowhoa!  Doctor: Well. Welcome back to life; it was touch-and-go for ahiwle... Rusty: Wh-where am I? Rusty: A hospital maintained by the Center for Disease Control.  Rusty: How long've I been--?Doctor: Unconscious?  Six days.  Rusty: Six days?? That freak breathes on me once---and I'm unconscious for six days?? Uh....any other survivors?  No.  Just two bodies in the ruins.




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