Rusty: Huh...? What...? Mom...? Mom!! Maggie: 'Mom'? Oh, that's rich! Mom is dead, child.  A martyr to your curiosity.  You've committed matricide--and murdered our hopes of being cured.Rusty:  Uhhhh....Maggie, I presume?  I-I didn't mean.... Maggie:  We could care less what you meant....only what you did.  Killing the two researchers who knew enough about us...

Maggie: ...To have a chance. ...Or curing us. Maggie Night's who I was. I'm called...Rage.  Alexa: Alexa Cole's yesterday.  I'm deadly.  Cissy: Once---Cissy KKind. Now---Frenzy.Maggie/Rage: Now--why shouldn't I behead you right here?  Rusty:  *Gulp* Uh....the emergency sirens I hear in the distance?  Magie/Rage: Point. It would be too quick---too merciful--anyway.




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