Lewis (Caption): Alexa Cole's life was perfect.  Healthy. Bright. Wealthy. Loving parents.  Yet...something was wrong with her.  One day, unprovoked, she threw rock after rock through a neighbor's picture window.Lewis (Caption):Her parents, on the advice of a therapist, put her on medication.  When she grew up, she maintained her parents' collection of antique weapons. Katanas. Knives. Old western horsewhips.

Lewis (Caption): For pleasure, she took up rockclimbing and mountainclimbing. She was fascinated by testing her body's limits.  So much so, she wondered...were her medications holding her back...physically?Lewis (Caption): For a month, she skipped her medications.  Flashes of irrational rage came and went...a fellow weapons collector visited...and slaughtered by the weapons he inspected...his offence?  Whisliting...off-key.




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