Guard2: I hate this...guarding a destroyed complex in biohazard masks---with orders not to proceed any further inwards--- what's in there, anyway?  Guard1: They say it's an old stone quarry...Guard: construction...only the destroyed complex controlled access; now it's our duty to make sure nothing goes in...or out. Especailly...out.  Guard2: Brrrr...givein' me chills...

Vicki (offscreen): All clear, Boss. The guards are moving to the other end of the perimeter. MM: Good. I'll dismount, Vicki. That 'clouding men's minds' trick--enabled me to eavesdrop effectively.Vicki: Beats me how you're in plain sight-- Mindmistress: Even if they looked my way---their minds couldn't register the image.  I only bothered on the visible spectrum-- luckily they weren't enhancing their vision with night light goggles.




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