Rage:Kiyaaaaa!!! Mindmistress: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Miuh jauw not brohken...maubeh.Rage: S-she stopped my katana---between her palms?? Mindmistress: --Didhn't wanna--clefht chin

Deadly: Let's see how she handles a whip--- Mindmistress: Don' bother. I have--protection. Deadly: Hah! I'll flick that smile to bloody ribbons!Mindmistress: A whip travelsth pas' the sthspeed sthound...its crack's a mini-sthonic boom...nothing tha' travelsth tha' fas'...not a whip, not a bulle'....touchesth me. Deadly: What'd she say/

I never thought I'd need to do translation duties, but she just got an elbow smash to the jaw. So...first panel, MM's saying, "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. My jaw's not broken---maybe." In panel two, "--Didn't want a--cleft chin." In panel three, she's saying, "Don't bother. I have--protection." And in panel four, she's saying, "A whip travels past the speed of sound...it's crack a mini-sonic boom...nothing that travels that fast---not a whip, not a bullet...touches me." (In that last, she's referring to her VRF field, explained in more detail here.) This is kind of like interpreting Donald Duck---or Mumbles in Dick Tracy.




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