Frenzy: Hit her in the jaw again---she can still talk---even if noone can understand her---ugh! Mindmistress: Sthree houw well you talkh--nouw.Frenzy: Mistake.  Big mistake. Mindmistress: Why? Dish i' out--bu' can' take it?  Frenzy: These aren't just ninja suits---they're biohazard suits.  Mindmistress: Your--blood...

Mindmistress: It's--like a rainbo'-- Frenczy: --And it's about to hit the ground---the grass.Frenzy: Run.

Frenzy: --While you still can.Mindmistress: The grassth---crystalizthing--sthpreading-- Frenzy: Like a wave? Like a quick-spreading plague? Yes. We've seen it before. We're immune. You? Proof against--whips--bullets---but you won't survive--this.




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