Vicki: Welcome home, Boss. I-- Mindmistress: Ahhhh, I can talk, now.  I want satellite photos of the area I just left. Spectroscopic analysis.  I want to know---what almost killed me.Vicki: here's a magnification of the area... Mindmistress: One blooddrop. And nearly a square mile ---crystallized. Transformed. What would have happeded if one of them started bleeding---badly? Vicki: Move to another--continent?

Mindmistress: The 'Mordred Strain' is a fast-acting, self-reproducing catalyst---that leaves behind it components---that could easily come RNA or DNA...but breaks down...existing life. Excuse me... Mindmistress: Unh!!

Lorelei: Oh, no...that'll I explain that---to Daddy?  To Mr. Hardy? To anybody?  I-I can't lie real good...I-I get confused.  What'll I do?




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