Mindmistress: Lorelei: I made this tape earlier. I know you're panicking about the bruise.  We've been lucky before--but I knew this day would come.  Lorelei: H-huh?? Her--no, me. Smarter...me.Mindmistress: I want you to wear this bracelet---it works like our illusion-casting breastplate. It'll make you look like you have no bruise. Try it on. Lorelei: R-really?

It works!  It works, it works, it works!  I look like I useta!  Mindmistress: I knew sooner or later we'd be injured in a fight---and planned for that eventuality.Mindmistress: Lorelei---I know I put you through a lot. I just want you to know...I'm trying not to disrupt your life---while living mine.  Lorelei: Dis-rupt? What's that mean....?




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