Rusty: Thanks for letting me use my father's old laptop here... Intern: Hey, I know how boring a hospital stay can be.... Rusty (Caption): I was telling you what that ex-general revealed...Rusty (Caption): The three of them were assigned the same cell block--met---and banding together--dominated the other female prisoners---they taught each other--especially using weapons and martial arts.

Rusty (Caption): And of course---they eventually escaped together.  The women's prison was old and underfunded---and even the best maximum security prison would have trouble holding those three. Wrath: Which way--? Deadly: I'm pretty sure we head this way...Rusty (Caption): And those three are now What'll I do, Vicki? I know we've never met face to face...but I feel like I can trust you... Vicki: Poor Rusty...




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