Vicki: I really appreciate this, Rusty. So will the Boss.  Rusty: Oh, well, I was going stir-crazy at the hospital, anyway...and Sis left Dad's pickup truck in the parking lot...Rusty (Caption): Beats me how you make a hologram...even making all the instruments respond like I'm there.  Vicki (Caption): We've gotta get you back before someone tries touching 'you'...

Vicki: There's the boss! Rusty: Why the silver suit? Vicki: Protection. Armor. Rusty: She looks like...some kind of super-hero, almost. What's her name.  Vicki: Mindmistress. Rusty: Come on.... Vicki: Your father knew about her.Rusty: Uh....  Mindmistress: I know, I know. Fantastic, huh?  But so are female ninjas...who are walking plagues.  Vicki: And if anyone can protect you, she can.  Rusty: Thanks....Mindmistress?




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