Mindmistress: You're checking out tomorrow, right,? Rusty: From the hospital? Right, unless something appears in the latest tests. Mindmistress: Those three'll probably strike when you're alone. Vicki won't deter them another time... Mindmistress (Caption): Don't worry, Rusty...I'll be watching you...and will be ready to defend you...even against...them.  Rusty: So weird....to sink into...replacing a hologram of...myself.

Rusty: Well, Gen. Lewis--thanks for giving me a ride home from the hospital.  General Manny Lewis: Least I could do....wish I could've talked the NSA into guarding you.  I'm still worried.Rusty: I wish the general had succeeded also. Instead, I'm depending ona  self-styled 'super-heroine'...protecting me from a trio of ninjas...deadlier to humanity than the Black Death.




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