Erica: Sure you don't wanna go with us to that movie? Rusty: Nyaahhh. You two have fun...I just want a quiet evening at excitement, no danger... Erica: Understood. 'Bye.Rusty: And of soon as they lights. No electricity. Doubtless no phone.  Right on cue. Somebody's seen a lot of horror films. I hate the predictable....

Rusty: The peephole! Eepp. Uh...c'mon, killing me won't help... Wrath: You're a loose end. We hate loose ends. Frenzy: It's going to happen, kid. Get it over with.Mindmistress: You're going to have to go through get that kid.  Deadly: You? Go home, Lady-In-Silver.  You can't stop us. You don't dare draw first blood.




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