Erica Minton: I-it's hard to believe he's gone.... Rusty: Yeah. Erica: Shot down by a chance burglar--if that's what happened. Rusty: Hunh?? Erica: Well. There are rumors... Rusty:C'mon, Erica! They're just gossippy busybodies.Rusty Minton: Off two weeks for mourning...and the day I come back--turns out to be a teacher's training day. I could have slept in---I just can't win--

Rusty: Mom--? Oh. Lynn: Yes. I'm coming in. Especially with you telling me about their 'trips'...I'm shivering, thinking about it--one puncture-- and we'll wax nostalgic about the Black Death!!Lynn Minton (offstage: Well, I didn't come this far---had you kill my husband--ther father of my children---to keep this secret---to have three restless lunatics endanger it.  I'm returning.




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