Lorelei: Wow. Your friend Minton's death really bothers you.  Lyons;; what hurts most is suspecting who did it--but being unable to prove it. Maybe she didn't pull the trigger, but...Lorelei (Caption): She--? Lyons (caption): His wife, Lynn Minton.  She once worked for the Center for Disease Control...later became head of NSA's biohazard division. She's been long suspected of having an affair--

Lorelei: A fair? Did she have pony rides? Or a roller coaster--I love roller coasters---though sometimes I barf. Lyons: Lorelei...*sigh* I meant she was cheating on him.Lorelei: Cheating? That's awful!  I never cheat. What kinda test was it?  Lytons: Lorelei...you're testing me.  She has a...boyfriend.  ....Not her husband.  Oh.  Like on soap operas? Seems kinda silly...




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