Lorelei: You're all in black--not your usual style-- Lyons: I just came from the funeral of an old friend---Andrew Minton. He worked for U.S. Intelligence--- Lorelei: Met him. St. Cassandra's.

Lyons (Caption): That's right. I forgot you met him. --But he was relatively young.  ---Several children---Rusty, Erica, and Christy.  A wife---Lynn. --An excellent intelligence director. Lorelei (Caption): So--how'd he die?Lyons (Caption): Someone crept in one night--silently approached--blew his brains out. Lorelei (Caption): A spy? A ter'rist? Lyons (Caption): We don't know--but I doubt it. My gut tells me it's something closer to home.

Feeling flashbacks are tedious, instead the panels link. If you click on the first panel, it'll take you to the part of the "Lost in Thought" storyline where Mr. Steed/Tidal Wave requested Lorelei. If you click on the second, it'll take you to the part of the "Siege Mentality" storyline on St. Cassandra where Minton met Lorelei. If you click on the third one, it'll take you to Minton's funeral at the end of "Lost in Thought", showing Shore breaking down at the same funeral Lyons just came from---this page, at least, was just a few days after the main action in "Lost in Thought". If you click on the last panel it takes you---nowhere at all.




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