Shore: A few days later, I was at a more unexpected funeral...Andrew Minton. My boss. My friend. My age.  It hit me...harder. Accident? Domestic dispute? Police were...investigating.

Shore (Caption): --So nowI'm in charge of the Atlanta NSA branch. Which gives me more leeway...lets me classify some things need-to-know....including Unfathomable's emails.  No. No grudge. A unique ally.Shore (Caption): Oh, Tidal Wave remains a danger...but I'm satisfied he didn't cause the tsunami that drowned Southeast Asia. It's a dangerous world---the trick's knowing where the dangers lie.

Shore (Caption): If the agents couldn't communicate where they've been, what did we tell their spychiefs?  A half-truth: Mindmistress sealed their lips. They hunt her--ignorant of...deeper dangers. Shore (Caption): Mindmistress volunteered for the blame.  So many mysteries....why was a retarded girl at the last two places we've seen Mindmistress?  Illusion-disguise or...? Why'd Mom...recover? What's hidden...under the surface

Sometimes, at home---I sit, overlooking the sea...wondering what I didn't see...a fugitive, I just sampled the outskirts of the....'Subculture'. Wondering what's hidden...under the surface.




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