Shore: Penny, two words: Wang Special. Penny: What did you say--?  I'd been gone on assignment for two weeks---we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant---ordered a special drink--Shore: --A hour and a half---a full meal later--we were still blitzed--the 'Wang Special'--two hours passed before we felt safe driving a home-- Penny: U-Ulysses--?

Shore: T.M. was...conceived that night---remember? You went to that Arizona gallery oepning for thenext three weeks---and 'Wang Special'...became our private joke.  Penny: Oh, Ulysses--it's you!Penny: I---I almost killed you--and after I heard about Minton-- Shore: Minton--? Later. C'mere. It's been a long time--- Shore (Caption): --And what else happened that night---is none of your business.




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