Wrath: Um. This stinks of trap...how do we know you won't lead us back to prison?  Mindmistress: I'm going first.  You either trust me...or you don't.  Your choice.Mindmistress: And Rusty...I need your Mom's laptop. Vicki: Rusty... Rusty: To get those harpies off my back? No problem. Vicki. If the modem wasn't damanged, I couldn't accessed it directly...

Rusty: My mom stored her notes on this laptop--she may have damaged the modem deliberately, to guard against spyware.  Mindmistress: Thanks, Rusty. I don't want to duplicate what she's already done.Mindmistress: Okay, ladies.  Follow me. If I'm leading you into a trap...I'm the first one in.  Wrath: Nervous? WIth your back to us? Mindmistress: Honestly? Of course. Don't remind me.




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