Frenzy: Whoa! Deadly: Where--? Mindmistress: Welcome to one of my labs. One of my...'infinity jars'. Outside normal space and one'll catch you here. Wrath: What...are you. Mindmistress: A fellow...freak.Robot Galatea: Mistress: a replacement Psyche-staff. Mindmistress: Thank you, Galatea.  Wrath: We've...seen one of those before.  Mindmistress: The robot? Yes, shape-shifting self-aware automata have proven very useful.

Mindmistress: About the staff...a demonstration. Can't move, can you?  This is what I should have done to you, at first.  Taken over your motor functions...leave you here...forever.Mindmistress: ...But I won't. Frenzy: Uh! I can move... Deadly: Don't ever... Wrath: A threat? Mindmistress: A demonstration. Cooperation is your best chance of being cured...double-crossing me could be a biiig mistake.




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