Wrath(Capotion): So, at a CDC branch office--- Doctor: Got all the notes you need to work at home, Dr. Minton? Dr. Minton: ?I think so-- Wrath: Nobody moves--nobody gets hurt! Dr. Minton: --A sword-wielding mime?Wrath (caption): Ever notice that really life-changing moments--are remembered in slow-motion, like a dream? I drew my sword back---she barely scratched me with a nail file--

Wrath (Caption): One small drop of my blood--falling towards her infant son, in the stroller--Wrath (caption): --Struck--spread--as we both watched with speechless horror--

Wrath (Caption): Leaving behind a crystallized statue---which was once ---a living child. All hostilities caesed. In shock. In terror.Wrath : We never regretted a death more. We attended the funeral hazmat-suited.  Rusty: Mommy...why're spacemen at Gene's fun'ral?  Dr. Minton: They're not spacemen, Rusty. They're involuntary monsters---who Mommy'll cure...hopefully.




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