Wrath(Capotion): The CDC built a complex over our hideout-quarry in record time. Scared to death of a real-life 'Andtromeda Strain'...to 'protect' us...contain us...control usWrath (caption): We were like guinea pigs infected with the Ebola Virus. --Separated from our examiniers--prodded and probed by remote control-- Dr. Minto: Attach the electrode there---

Wrath (Caption): Of course, you can't build a big complex like that...without a few weak points. We found...forced...an exit. We modified hazmat suits into pseudo-ninja garb.  We tasted freedom again.Mindmistress: Fascinating: and the information Dr. Minton gathered is fascinating too--- Wrath: Can you cure us? Mindmistress: I think it's a distinct possibility. In fact...you may be candidates for a twofold 'cure'.




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