Deadly: Butterflies? But they...and the flowers...changing colors... Mindmistress: This is my private, genetically-enhanced garden. Plants signaling to butterflies how much nectar they have... Wrath: ...And that music?Mindmistress: Butterflies signal others which flowers they're going to...the music is from biological 'windchimes' within the plants--this flower bed plays 'The Dance of the Hours.'

Frenzy:  A private waterfall---and pool?  ?How peaceful-- Mindmistress: Much more than that. The waters---the rocks--the 'vegetation'--all a part of-- Landscape: Evening, Mistress. Are these the ladies you spoke of?Mindmistress: Yes, Monet. I want you to treat their wishes--as you would mine. Monet/Landscape: Of course, Mistress. Mindmistress: 'Smart' houses--'smart' buildings--will soon be built. Monet--is a smart landscape.




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