Mindmistress: Well, that finishes my tests. I'm positive I can rid you of the NNA--and make your normal again. Wrath: 'Normal'. I wasn't ever...normal. Mindmistress: Would  you like to be?Wrath: What? Mindmistress: You murdererd your boyfriend and the woman he cheated on you with--you led a murder-for-hire organization--is that who you wanted to be? --An assassin? Wrath: No.

Wrath: But this black rage just comes up and--takes over. Mindmistress: --And your regard for others just--disappears? Wrath: Yes. Exactly. Rage mixed with sociopathy--a lack of empathy with others.Mindmistress: I can cure you. Wrath: What? Mindmistress: A small dose of this potion--will quiet that fury--restore your empathy.  Restoring cerebral biochemical balance-- but it must be your choice.




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