Mindmistress: Ladies...the treatment's ready. Frenzy: Monet...cancel the clumps of graps...and the warm summer breeze. Monet: As you wish. Wrath: A week of this...we're sooo spoiled. Monet: Good luck, Ladies.Frenzy: Wow. Looks like high-tech tanning beds. Mindmistress: NNA is like Vonnegut's fictional 'ice-nine'...a 'seed molecule that alters all the aamino acids it touches---we'll fool it--retransforming as...DNA.

Wrath: Uh oh. The cabinet's changing color...and spinning... Frenzy: Relax, Mags. Wrath: Deadly! Watch over these cabinets...if she pulls a trick--rescue us or avenge us! Deadly: Unerstood. She'll not live to gloat.Deadly:  ?You hear that? I don't trust you--but one trick and you'll regret it. Mindmistress: It's in my interest to cure them--and you.  Deadly: The cure's worse than the disease.




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