Wrath: How long--? Deadly: 48 hours. Mindmistress: But look what's happened---you're fully human again!  Two down---one o go!  Wrath: Cissy--? Frenzy: /it's true, Maggie. We're not... freaks anymore.Wrath: Okay, we privately agreed-- if you could cure us of being...super-lepers...we'd try your...other cure. Mindmistress: These bottles use nanites to make the 'Cure' from any organic drink--

Mindmistress: You just need one dose a day...you can defend yourselves from attack...you'll just slowly become more reluctant to attack others...irrationally. Callously. You sure...? Wrath: It's our decision.Mindmistress: I doubt if 'Deadly' will join you.  I don't think she even wants to be cured of the NNA. She's letting her paranoia---distrust of me-- override her judgement.




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