Deadly: The one who stole the only companions I ever valued, from me! LEft me alone...Freakish. Mindmistress: *Unh* Deadly: *Tsk* Smart but clumsy, aren'tyou? Jumping on a martial arts master. Pathetic. Deadly: Still...I know eventually your armor's power will overcome my explosives will end my life...and through the Mordred Strain...end the lives in the Southeast USA, too!

Deadly: The bleast will reduce this parked bus to shrapnel--my blood's Mordred Strain creaming a wasteland from Florida to Virginia-- a crystilline-- sterile-- lifeless-- sub-continent...for a tombstone.Mindmistress: You're onme sick puppy, Alexa Cole...Deadly. One hundred million prove you're not afraid to die.  Deadly: 'We all owe God a death...' Even you, Mindmistress.></a></td></tr></TABLE><P><br><center><table width=80%><tr><td align=left><font color=



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