Mindmistress: Well...I wouldn't want ot interfere with your 'right' to refuse a cure and annihilate yourself instead... Deadly: Yipe! Mindmistress: Did I mention my robots can shapeshift in ways transformers woiuld envy?Mindmistress: But the robot's disguise as a parked truck is no longer necessary... Deadly: Eyaaahgh!! Mindmistress: She's not digesting you---she's imprisoning you--isolating you---separating you from those you could--annihilate.

Robot: Ohhh. That explosion was..fierce. Mindmistress: Any cracks? Any openings for the NNA to escape from? Robot: No. I'm...damaged...internally...but secure.  Mindmistress: But we've got to isolate you...just in case.Mindmistress: The 'catwalk' will take you to an isolated infinity jar---yo'll stay there for two weeks--to make sure the NNA is--inactive. RobotL Yes, Mistress.  Mindmistress: Good work, Galatea.




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