Mindmistress: I couldn't stop Alexa from killing herself. If I 'froze' her, the timer was already going. All I could do--was eliminate the collaterola damage. Frenzy: Poor Alexa. Wrath: Poor us.Frenzy: What'll happen to us? Wrath: A return to...prison? Mindmistress: No.  I'm not the police.  Instead...I'm going to make you two an offer. I have two aliases...who need help.

Frenzy: Office of Paula Solomon, attorney...ohhh, hi, MM! Nyaaaah. Being a very well-paid legal assistant doesn't totally suck...boy, are  you--or Paula Solomons, anyway---in demand!Frenzy (Caption): Yeah, last I heard, Maggie's still enjoying being your medical records assistant...or make that Dr. Minnie Daniels' medical records assistant. She says Dr. Daniels is in constant demand also...

Frenzy: Yeah, we're still on for the martial arts training tonight...twice a week for a year ought to do it.  You overthinkyour moves...it needs to become...second-nature.Frenzy (Caption): Y'know that Maggie's dating now? Some gastro-endocrinologist...hey, we're allowed some secrets too...just liike we don't know who you really are...just...who you pretend to be..sometimes. And MM? Thanks. For everything.




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