Smith: Where now? The Batcave? The Fortress of Solitude? Jail? Mindmistress: Hooo boy. None of the above...the other end of the catwalk connects to a place you're very familiar with...Mindmistress: New LErna, one of several islands Miraculous Consulting owns...and site of your discoveries, correct? Smith: What?? How'd you know?? Mindmistress:  I researched your company's holdings...this one fit your story.

Shore: So...Smith ?Killed himself? Minton: They found numerous metal statues of Moodswing in the ruins---evidently he obsessed over wonders if she left him emotionally unbalanced? Dead end.Minton (Caption): A lawyer's settling his estate-- Lawyer (on phone): I'm not surprised secretive Smith engaged the celebrated Paula Solomon as his estate lawyer...enjoyed your Georgia Law Review articles... Paula (Mindmistress) Solomon: Thanks! Quite a compliment...


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