It's been two weeks--you're a lawyer?? Mindmistress: Hardly. Paula Solomon graduated top of class, Vanderbilt Law School---dying without I.D. in a crack house months later. I 'borrowed' her.Mindmistress (Caption): Remember what you learned---a week ago--- Smith: Ultraviolet sterility. But why a monster's autopsy...? Eric's no monster. He's the key to you being free. He---and his two brains.

Smith: Two? Uh...isn't that overkill? Mindmistress: Think of it as back-up files---or the 'black box' after a plane crash. Smith: This feels like an old Frankenstein movie--Mindmistress: More like Night of the Living Dead where--Zombies--eat--brains! Smith: Gross! And minutes ago, you fed it my hair clippings-- Mindmistress: Relax: My 'metamother' will use both--miracle-making.


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