Lawyer: Paula, as Smith's chief legal counsel, I---hey!! You're not Paula Solomon! I met her at Vanderbilt--unhh! That brooch--! Mindmistress: You were saying--? Lawyer: Paula! You haven't changed a bit...Lawyer: Ladies and gentlemen of the financial press---as Miraculous Cosulting's Top Legal Counsel-- Mindmistress: --And as Mr. Smith's estate lawyer-- Lawyer: We are pleased to announce Mr. Smith's heir-- Mindmistress: --His son.

Lawyer: SMith had an affair just before his crippling accident---and was never told of her pregnancy. Mindmistress: In the last few months, Smith found his son--made him his heir.Smith: A lie. But---'Vicki'---put all the records in the right places--if Miraculous Consulting can still funnel funds to me--by someone she trusts---I'll be free. Undisturbed.


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