Lawyer: Like the father, the son had some problems with his legs---but recent medical developements will enable him to walk again. Mindmistress: He'll learn walking---like it's his first time.SMith: (Caption) My DNA---around a monster's mind-- Eric: Many thanksss. I wasss alssso born with a ssslight ssspeech impediment---I ssslur my essses. Even more horrible---I love to quote poetry.

Smith (Caption): It's so strange...seeing a younger me... Eric:'Life is sssweet, while nervesss have courage, and heartsss can beat'--Comyns. I'll be taking my father'sss name, Sssmith... --But you can call me---Eric. Reporter: How does it feel to be suddenly the heir of a fortune? Eric: Very lucky. Let me tell you--it'sss good to be alive.


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