Mr. Hardy: Lorelei, the shop looks great--are you still fooling around with that snake? Lorelei: I like snakes. Snakes'r' neat! I'm gonna name this one...Little Eric.Vicki: So Smith's happy...Eric's happy. And you get--? Mindmistress: A milligram of Metisium.  With it I can weaken the Burns-Lyons effect--make Lorelei--and I--normal--permanently.

Mindmistress (Caption): Imagine a light-brown haired woman coming up to Daddy--her I.Q. 132, twice Lorelei's...bright, but normal... Lyons: Lorelei? Your hair-- Norma (for Normal): Daddy--I've got something important to tell you--Vicki: That's why you pursued Smith. One of your crazy theories must have predicted that an element in the 'island of stability' might have the necessary qualities---so--are you--?

No. No, I won't.

Mindmistress (Caption): Would it be curing Lorelei--or losing her--forever? She has a right to live--I steal part of her life---dark I risk losing her happy spirit---altogether?Mindmistress (Caption): This new personality--will she remember my thoughts soaring like eagles---concepts as beautiful---and as distant---as stars--waste her life in self-pity--jealous--of what she was?

Mindmistress (Caption): Will Daddy worm from her my secrets--raid my Infinity Jars---revolutionize technology--ruining millions' lives in the process? For profit? Will that be my legacy?Mindmistress (Caption): And what of--me? Would a teacher lobotomize herself to be at the level of her six-year-old students? Would even Jane Goodall lobotomize herself--to understand her gorillas' mindset?

Mindmistress : Granted I'm a freak--granted Lorelei is pitied--sometimes--it takes all my willpower to turn back into Lorelei.---Despite knowing I'll die, of brain tumors, if I don't.Mindmistress:  Only the assurance I'll return makes it...bearable. If I do this--it's forever. I can't. Anymore than an ordinary person would voluntarily consent---to a lobotomy. Sorry...Lorelei.


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