Teller: Uh...sorry, Miss Lyons...too many zeroes--you were trying to deposit a hundred thousand dollars... Lorelei: Oh. How silly! Let me try again-- Marc Barber: Ker-ripes! This is the fifth time--Teller: Sir...I'm trying to help the lady...and she's... Vicki: Sorry, sir, but... Marc Barber: Yep. You're pretty sorry, all right...some of us have better things to do than watch your stupidity!

Teller: Sir, I must insist... Marc Barber: Good riddence. Whatta retard---must be moron season. I've seen brighter chipmunks! Teller: Sir...nevermind.  Lorelei: Nevermind nevermind nevermind...sorry sorry sorry...I'm going. Teller: Let's see what's It's gonna be one of those days... Barber: I have bombs strapped to my chest. Hand over all of your money---or Boom, baby! Teller: wonderful.


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