Teller: Here you go...fives, tens, twenties... Barber: Don't try anything tricky...unless you have a death wish.  Teller: Trust me, sir. They don't pay me enough to risk my life.Lorelei: *Sniff* I thought I could do it without L.A.'s help...after all, I hold down a job...but that ATM looked waaay too cuh-cuh-cuh-compli---too hard...I hate numbers!

Lorelei: *Sniff* That teller seemed nicer--but I kept on messin' up and messin' up...too many numbers... Swat member: Pssst! Lady! Come with me. Lo0relei: Huh? Why? Swat member: It's gonna get unhealthy here...Golden: Is this the police chief? This is Gordon Golden, CEO of the Atlanta Golden Bank--yes, Ic an see things with my cameras--like the woman being escorted away--


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