Swat team member: Look, you seem a nice---but--special--lady--but you need to wise up and get outta here. Things could get ugly here real quick. Lorelei/Mindmistress: Wise up? Good idea.Mindmistress: Vicki? How soon can you get the suit and staff to me? Vicki: Five minutes. I'm creating the 'catwalk'---which you know takes five minutes to form. Mindmistress: All too well.

Golden: Captain, you've let most of the customers leave naturally---and prevented others from coming in---but I'm still concerned about the number of Swat team members you've deployed. It's...overkill.Police Captian (Caption): We appreciate your concern, Mr. Gordon--but we've been alerted of a possible terrorist attack--and the robber's motif is suspiciously similar to suicide bombers'--we're prepared. Thief (Barber) and Mindmistress together: Oh. Great.


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