Barber: Here--a present!! Mindmistress: Um. Policeman1: Dynamite! Policeman2: Duck!!Cries from policemen: Lady! Get under cover!  You crazy--?? That's about to blow!! Run!!

Policeman1: Oh. Policeman2: Wow. Talk about icewater in your veins in emergencies...Rodrigo, I think you need to change your pants--- Policeman3: Lady, that's the gutsiest thing I've ever seen---Policeman3: --You a member of the bomb squad?  Mindmistress: No. Although I've worked with homicide detective Lovelace. No courage needed. Smell. Policeman3: Wax? It's a-- Mindmistress: --Tube-wrapped candle--with a fuse. Diversion. Fake.


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