Policeman1: Diversion? Hey!! Get 'em!! Policeman2: He's getting away! Mindmistress: Go ahead. I think some special equipment I was expecting finally arrived.Mindmistress: Ahhhh...good timing. I think I need this---because they didn't ask how I knew that---because I know who the thief is.

Policeman1: We've got 'em, sir! Barber: You should have seen your faces when I threw that candle... Policeman2: Yeah. Hilarious. I hope you're laughing when in the slammer for decades.Police captain: Well, Mr. Golden--we caught this dangerous criminal---recovered the cash---still doubt our methods?  Golden: My apologies---and my compliments, Captain. Barber: Sure! My life's crumbling---but you're heroes! Golden: Blaming us--?


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