Mindmistress: Hold it!! Barber: Circus in town? Hey---why is no one moving? Golden: I can---but the policemen aren't! Mindmistress: Only you two, Marc Barber---and Gordon Goolden--can consciously move---now.Barber (Caption): You know me? Mindmistress (Caption): Marc Barber,you played flute with the Atlanta symphony orchestra---lost your job in cutbacks--owned a candle shop, but--- Barber: Please. Bank official: Sorry. Bank rules. Business is business.

Barber (Caption): Yeah. We'd just had a baby.  My wife ran the candle store---it was our financial safety net. Without that--- Wife: I'm going back to my parents--with Samantha.  Barber: Please---no--Barber: Swimming in self-pity---job interview after job interview---fruitless. Music's all I know. So...I desperately bluffed a bank robbery---with candles foreclosed by the same bank. Mindmistress: Um.


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