Mindmistress: Now, Golden--- Golden: Who are you? MindmistressL Someone who's staff compels you to talk! Golden: You know--? Mindmistress: Odd Funds transfers. Suspicious financial statements. It's obvious. Golden: It---it began with my new wife--Mindmistress (caption): The trophy wife you left your former wife of twenty years for? Mrs. Golden: We need a bigger house. An estate in France would be nice. Golden: Anything.  Golden (Caption): I needed capital--fast.

Golden (Caption): My chief financial officer thought-- Financial Officer: We can make billions! Golden: ---And no one will be hurt or the wiser.  Golden (Caption): ---But the dot-com bubble burst-- Mindmistress (Caption): He killed himself, didn't he? Golden (Caption): Yes.Mindmistress: So...Barber took twenty thousand from a teller---money that's federall insured---Golden took two hundred million from funds entrusted to him---retirement funds--so...who's the greater criminal?


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