Vicki: At last---they're leaving! The boss can fool the eye---or the mind--but only my light-manipulation can fool the camera. It feels to good to be free!Mindmistress: Good work, Vicki.  Smith: Amazing. No wonder she felt confined in that robot body---but my research facility-- Mindmistress: Doomed in any case. Robots'll replace the achillium, little by little, with steel--

Mindmistress: By the time they put together a good investigative team to sift through the rubble, we'll have replaced it all... Smith: Wh-wh-what's this? Mindmistress: My 'catwalk'. An escape route---to anywhere.Smith: I'm officially 'dead'---no access to my funds or my company--at your mercy.  Mindmistress: You're free. 'When you have nothing--you've got nothing to lose.' Trust somebody. ---For once.


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