Lynn Minton:  Maggie? Cissy? Alexa? How are you ladies...doing?  Maggie: Well, well, Dr. Minton--so...sorry...for your loss.  We're still here. Lynn: Now. I heard you had a 'night out' recently.Maggie: We escaped one prison. We're careful. But we're not just specimens under a microscope.  Lynn: How did you get out? Maggie: Surely you don't think we're stupid enough to tell you.

Ladies, this is serious. If you're mistaken for a burglar...if a cop shoots at you--if one drop of your blood hits the ground-- Maggie: It'd blight the county.Maggie: We know all this, Dr. Minton. If one of  us died--the shedding of our blood--would devastate the world's ecosystems. All the more reason---to cure us.




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