Gus: You ready? Lynn: As I'll ever be. I hate this long decontamination/airlock/tunnel between their quarters---and the rest of the complex.  It's necessary--but it so... claustrophobic.Maggie: More examinations?  Lynn: You three are the only humans infected with a self-reproducing molecule...akin...but different...from DNA and RNA. Gus: The more we know, Maggie

Gus: --The sooner we can cure you.  Rusty: C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.  Kill my Dad, willya? And you, my own mother...who cares about this 'Mordred Strain'...but maybe other records'll prove...Lynn: The alarm--?  Gus: Someone's accessing--compromising--- the computers! Automatic overrides are taking over-- the corridor's sealed--- to keep the Mordred Strain from escaping-- napalm will incinterate this entire corridor!!!




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