NewVicki: But first--let'stake care of Rusty. Vicki: Yes! Get him out of that time-frozen trap! Mindmistress: But leave Messenger as he is for now--I'll need to take special precautions coping with...'Highspeed'.NewVicki: It's...strange. I still have the emotional connection with Rusty--and I'll always be able to relive anything Dora and Vicki experienced with him--as if it just happened. But now--

NewVicki: I see what his future must be--how he'll be happier--and I can be content--with that. Rusty: Huh? What happened? I remember touching Messenger, and then--Rusty: Whoa! Another you? Maybe...too much of a good thing? Dora: You're okay? Are you sure? NewVikci: ?He'll be fine. Vicki: I was so worried... Rusty: Love in triplicate. 'Sister Wives' on steroids.



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