Vicki: That's the last upgrade container? Dora: Except for the one containing--us-plus. Rusty: so what now? They just contemplate the stars? What happens to the other--you? What's next for you?NewVicki: The Upgrade will find much to occupy them. When technological Singularities leave their origin cultures--the Upgrade'll provide a timeless framework for them to wokr from.  As for you, Rusty...

NewVicki: If you can't be happy with a flesh-and-blood Vicki--the anser's obvious, right--'boss'? Mindmistress: could be's the logical next step--but Rusty'd have to agree.Rusty: Agree? Agree to what? Vicki: Wait. You're not talking about--ooooo, Sneaky. NewVicki: Thank you. Rusty: What? What? Mindmistress: Don't panic, Rusty. Dora: Well, I don't blame him. What are you talking about?



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