Dora: Wow.Once Rusty said yes--the Psyche-staff put him to sleep like that. Vicki: Boss, you're sure this is safe? Mindmistress: It's never been done--but yes, I'm sure. Right...Rusty?Rusty: Hmmm? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. I look so goofy while sleeping--this is so very strange...I feel..numb. An out-of-body experience...caused by--science? But I'm

Vicki: Yeah...even though you're using the same headband which Dora uploaded her experiences to me... Rusty: I'm just trying out this virtual life in short bursts--experiencing--sharing your world, Vicki.Vicki: Yeah...all of the sudden I'm feeling..shy. I've never shared this with anyone. What if you hate it? Rusty: That's what love is...sharing...trusting...your specialness with...another.



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