Vicki: Every night, as you fall asleep--you can spend five minutes with me in virtual mode--which can feel like five years at the digital speeds we can move. Rusty: Why doesn't Mindmistress do this? She shouldn't even need you. Vicki: Well, for one thing, I'm 24/7...and it's a quesiton of...capacity. Hosting a virtual self with all her intellect is not feasible--yet. But you're no problem. Rusty: Gee, thanks. Just dumb enough to be digitally duplicated, huh? Vicki: Both sides of you will be enriched by your virtual experiences--we can do this for years--even decades--your virtual self never aging--unlike your real body. Rusty: And when I die? Vicki: Then your body will die--but your virtual self can live on--with me for company.



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