Lyons: There. That message will bring him running. Hold still, son, you're the last one to untie--*Sigh* I really thought I had that woman this very close...Mindmistress: --Free? Vicki-Plus: H?e's receiving a high-speed transmission from his suit-com. Mindmistress: Daddy. Not a good loser.

Lyons: We tried. We put a test bird ina  time-field within a time-field. Accelerated 3600 times, the bird flew like a's body heat shifted to x-rays...gamma rays...Lyons: Then it burst in flames...from the friction. I'm still paying for the testers' treatments for radiation burns. Some felt..we're like cavemen trying to 'reverse-engineer' a printed circuit.

Lyons: We need those shoes...our duplicates are faulty, to say the least. Luckily--as you'll see--the man wearing the shoes is vulnerable. Messenger'll obey--or else.



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