Lyons: Ahhhh, Harold. You didn't really think I'd let those shoes go, did you? I own you. The technological revolution the 'highspeed' effect will start--is mine.Highspeed: You knew about my cousin Iris all the time! Why didn't you tell me?? Lyons: Her decision..relayed by notes. We tried to cure her, Harold. Highspeed: While using her...condition.

Lyons: The way you--invisibly--'undetectably'...used me and others for...insider stock tips? Once a thief, always a thief...your private detective...also worked for me. Highspeed: Unmoving statues...tempation...irresistible.Lyons: You made a small fortune...but the SEC would find your trading history very revealing. Highspeed: If you told them. Lyons: Yes. If. Highspeed: Nice. Blackmail. Luckily, someone else has a say...



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